Wednesday, December 30, 2015


from our DECEMBER 2015 meeting.....

Election Results:

Leslie Kirkpatrick .... President
MARY GARROW ... Vice President
SHARON MUSTON .... Secretary
Shirley Dingman .... Treasure

Board Meetings will be the TUESDAY after the regular quilt meeting at 1pm at Little Cesar's Restaurant in Davison.   Next meeting will be January 5th.   I hope to post monthly updates to this blog.    

The guild board members have asked that IF any member has any issues, concerns, ideas for the guild that Leslie be notified ( check the guild membership book for her phone number)  She will put it on the agenda otherwise it will be added to the end of the meeting.   If you can not attend the board meeting please contact Leslie anyways and the board will work with you.


WINNER OF THE RAFFLE QUILT ......  GUILD MEMBER Eva Nash.   She bought all her own raffle tickets... Maybe that was how she won. ... I will have to try that strategy.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Rules for the MONTHLY 2-1/2 inch Strip Exchange

Rules for the 2.5 inch MONTHLY STRIP EXCHANGE 


New Monthly Fabric Exchange – 2 ½” strips
                            See the pages section of this blog for a permanent post of this information.  

Lots of quilters voted for this idea at the October meeting.  This replaces the Birthday Fat Quarter Club.  The more quilters who participate, the more fun it will be.
Here are the rules:
·    No monthly commitment, no sign up sheet.
·    Quilt shop quality fabric, clean and pressed
·    2 ½” strips by WOF (width of fabric)
·    Put 5 strips in a baggie with your name on it.  The strips don’t have to be the same fabric, just the correct monthly theme.
·    Drop off the baggy when you arrive at the guild meeting on the table by the front door. 
·    During the break, take a different baggy than the one you brought.
·    If you want to exchange more than one baggy, great!  Bring 3, take 3, etc.

·    If you really want to get rid of those leftover strips from completed projects, you can also contribute extra strips, not in a baggy.  These strips will be used in donation quilts, if enough are donated.  This is a great way to bust your stash.

Here are the monthly themes:

January - - White
February --- RED
March - - - Green 
April - - -  Pastels
May - - -  Floral 
June - - - light batiks
July - - -  Patriotic colors
September  - - -  Dark batiks
October - - -  Halloween fabrics or colors 
November - - -  Thanksgiving or Fall colors 
 December  - -  - Christmas

In the event that a meeting is cancelled...... bring your strips in to the following monthly meeting and they can be exchanged then. 
Information from the  GUILD BOARD

There are several items on the agenda that remain from the missed November meeting:

December 30th meeting – It’s our annual Christmas Potluck and Dirty Santa Gift Exchange!
Bring a dish to share, your own place setting and silverware, your own beverage if you want something other than coffee or tea.  Wear loose waist bands and bring a big plate!  We will have election of officers, raffle quilt drawing, show and tell, 50/50 drawing and door prizes after we eat of course. 

Then we’ll have our Dirty Santa gift exchange.  If you want to participate, bring a wrapped gift.  It can be store bought, worth about $20.00, or something hand made.  We put all the gifts in a big pile, and the fun begins.  

 Eating starts at 6:30 p.m.

Slate of Officers:
President:  Mary Garrow or Leslie Kirkpatrick
Secretary:  Sharon Muston
Treasurer:  Shirley Dingman
Vote for either Mary or Leslie for president.  The one with the most votes will act as president and the other will act as vice president.  (This is their idea.)  Thank you to these quilters for volunteering to be an officer.

Raffle quilt drawing:
Since our meeting was cancelled last month, the drawing will be held this month.  We need the people who have not turned in their tickets (ticket stubs with money, or all unsold tickets) to please do so at the beginning of the meeting, even if you didn’t sell the tickets. 

This is very important for 2 reasons:  The MI Gaming Board requires us to have and keep all unsold tickets to prove that we aren’t cheating on the money we make.  Also, we want everyone who bought a ticket to have a chance to win.

These are the quilters who have not turned in their tickets yet.  If you cannot attend the meeting please get the tickets to someone who will attend.  Or call any board member and make arrangements to turn in tickets.  Thank you.

Safehouse Donations: 

This month is diapers.  Buy the larger sizes, since they usually do not have a need for the smaller sizes, thank goodness.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

SEPTEMBER 3OTH meeting .... change in activities

Changes to our SEPTEMBER 30th meeting.

Beth Ferrier has moved out of state and is no longer able to give a lecture at our September meeting.  We will host our PAPER BAG AUCTION.   I have posted information in several posts.  


BRING  items you are willing to donate to the guild to put into our  paper bag auction.   This is a great way to de-clutter your home and sewing studios.  Gently used items in good condition are wanted.    

UFOs >  Any quilting items
Fabric you ran out of room for>
 Quilting Notions>
Nick nacks and home decor items that
someone else might need and love.


Bring mailing labels so you do not get carpel tunnel writing names
on the tickets you buy.

Tickets cost 4 for $1.

Put your tickets in the bags next to the items you want.  After everyone has a chance to spend their tickets ….. Tickets are drawn and you get to take home the items you want.

REMEMBER your unloved items will be someone else's TREASURE  

SEPTEMBER 30th MEETING ... BETH FERRIER cancelled her lecture

Friday, August 21, 2015

Note from ANNE W.... missed the deadline for the newsletter

Hospitality – Oops!  No one signed up!  Why?  Because I forgot to put out the sign-up sheet.  Sharon Muston, Ms Hospitality, is never allowed to put me in charge again.  So obviously I will be bringing food, and please, please, please, will you?  Anne

You should have been there … the Pat Speth workshop last month.  
 If you were at the July meeting, you saw how organized she was and how she could demonstrate so quickly and easily how to breakdown her designs.  Well, she was just as organized in her workshop and she kept it well paced.  We would gather for a demonstration, then work for a while, then gather again, and so on.  She gave us so many tips and ideas that didn’t even apply to what we were doing: how to make a folding cutting mat that stays flat, how to travel with all your rulers, what to do when working with bias edges, how to safely carry a paring knife when you travel, how to make a portable design board, a free pattern for making a quilt top from left over scraps (Trashcan Treasure), another free pattern for a mystery block – that we made in the afternoon and she showed us how to use it in several layouts, and we all got a “BLUE DUDE” which is a brilliant, cheap, easy way to keep your rulers from slipping when you are cutting.  Come to the August meeting to get your own free “BLUE DUDE” and try it out!

You should have been there Part II…. the 1800s for this great cutting tip:

Household Equipment tells us that ”the time usually spent in measuring and marking fabric to insure the even cutting of long strips of the material may be saved by the following method:  Pull apart the extension dining-table to a distance of half an inch.  Place the material on the table so that the line along which it is desired to cut lies over this opening.  Secure the cloth with weights and let the left side of the opening act as a guide to the scissors in cutting.”

                Excerpt taken form the Dover book Old Time Tools and Toys of Needlework

We’ve come a long way baby!

Volunteers Needed for the American Sewing Expo Booth

The guild is planning on having a free booth at the American Sewing Expo in Novi  to sell tickets for our raffle quilt.  We will be passing around a sign-up sheet at the August meeting.  The expo is 3 days, Sept 25-27, Fri, Sat and Sun.  We need 2 people per day to sign up.  That way lunch break, bathroom breaks etc are covered, you can chat and/ or do hand work to pass the time, or of course you can shop and visit exhibits.

You must have a ticket to get into the show even if you are working at a booth, so the guild will buy the tickets.  On Friday and Saturday the hours are from 9 am to 6 pm.  You will need to be there at 9 am on your day and stay until 6 pm.  On Sunday the show closes at 5 pm.  One person can come early and leave early, and the other can come later and stay until the end.  Even though we have a booth and you will be working at the booth, you cannot get in early.  You will be allowed in at 9 am just like the folks there to see the show.  The booth will be set up the day before on Thursday.  We will give you a packet of tickets to sell and some money for change (in case someone wants to buy the first ticket with a $20 bill.)  The people who work on Sunday will have to take down the quilt display rack and bring it, the quilt, and whatever supplies are at the booth.  Our guild meeting for Sept will be the following Wednesday, so you can turn in the tickets and money at the meeting.
So please look at your calendar, and make plans with a friend to spend a day at the Expo.  We need your help and it could be fun.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


PAT SPETH our guest speaker at July's meeting gifted a quilt to GENESYS HOSPICE RAFFLE and silent auction.  I think this was a generous gift and plan to buy tickets for the quilt.

Friday, June 26, 2015

CALL out for donations for SAFE HOUSE

THE EMPTY BOBBIN SEWING GROUP who spear head the donations for SAFE HOUSE is requesting donations.   I am posting the schedule for donations so please consider bringing some of these items.  OF course you can bring in any donations on a schedule convenient to you.

JANUARY - Bed pillows
February --  Sanitary needs
March - -   Cleaning supplies 

April - - -  QUILT DONATIONS ..... This is a good time to get out a UFO you no longer want for your home. . . .  Finished is better than perfect.

May - - -  bath towels
June - - -  DIAPERS
July - - -  personal hygiene items ... tooth brushes, paste, shampoo etc ( large sizes are desired)
August - - -  Children's clothing all sizes ... school starting in September - - - shoes, socks, assorted sizes of shirts, pants dresses.

September - - -  Twin size sheet sets 

OCTOBER - - -  QUILT DONATIONS - - -  Want to try a new technique?  This is a good time to try it out.  


Friday, June 19, 2015

email from American Quilter's Society > > Quilt Week Returns to Grand Rapids, MI!

American Quilter's Society Quilt Week Returns to Grand Rapids, MI!



Dear Guild Representative:

American Quilter’s Society, the largest quilting membership organization in the world, is excited to announce the return of AQS QuiltWeek® Grand Rapids from August 12 to August 15 at DeVos Place Convention Center, 303 Monroe Ave., Grand Rapids, MI.  We hope you and your guild can join us!
More than 15,000 will converge on the Grand Rapids area to enjoy four days of the best in international quilt and textile artistry. Over 500 quilts will be on display with more than $50,000 in prizes to be awarded for quilting excellence at the event. In addition, AQS QuiltWeek will be hosting a series of workshops with some of the top talent in the quilt industry and an extensive Merchant Mall comprised of both local and national vendors.  

Included in QuiltWeek’s celebrated exhibits is SAQA™ Wide Horizons IV. Also on display is The WICKED™ Cherrywood Challenge and Living Color!, 32 vibrant works celebrating life across the spectrum. Returning from Egypt, the Stitch Like An Egyptian exhibit will showcase stunning creations of appliqué available for purchase. 

AQS Certified Quilt Appraisers will be available at the event to appraise new or antique quilts for insurance replacement or fair market values on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. There is an appraisal fee of $50 per quilt payable at quilt check in. 

Admission to AQS QuiltWeek includes access to all special exhibits and the Merchant Mall with more than 200 vendor booths. Hours are 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. on Wednesday through Friday, August 12-14, and 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Saturday, August 15. Ticket and additional information can be found at or by calling 270-898-7903. American Quilter’s Society has also arranged for discounted hotel rates. Information can be found under the lodging tab on the website. 

About the American Quilter’s Society
The American Quilter’s Society is the largest quilting membership organization in the world. For 30 years, AQS has been the leading voice in quilting inspiration and advice through a broad suite of products—magazines, books, live events, contests, workshops, online networks, patterns, fabrics, and catalogs. At AQS, we believe that with inspiration and advice, the creative-minded individual can take their quilting projects beyond what even they had imagined. The leading authors in quilting choose to publish with AQS, the best in quilt artistry select AQS events to display their work, and the newest quilters learn from the knowledge and inspiration of AQS members. For more information about the American Quilter’s Society please visit or call 270-898-7903.
We look forward to seeing you at the show!



Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Sign up at the March meeting.  Limited seats (20.)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

APRIL LECTURE AND WORKSHOP ... How to sign up ...

If you want to take the workshop contact Sheila and she will tell you how to join the class.

YOU should be able to download the flyer by saving on your computer as SAVE IMAGE.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

 February 2015

To help cover the costs of bringing in speakers to the guild.  The board has voted to increase the guest fee to $7.00 on the nights we have a speaker.  We do try to keep the cost down to our guest and members but the cost of hosting speaker lectures and workshops has been increasing. Speaker fees can be paid upon admission.

Thank you for your understanding.
Evening STAR Quilt Guild