Friday, August 21, 2015

Note from ANNE W.... missed the deadline for the newsletter

Hospitality – Oops!  No one signed up!  Why?  Because I forgot to put out the sign-up sheet.  Sharon Muston, Ms Hospitality, is never allowed to put me in charge again.  So obviously I will be bringing food, and please, please, please, will you?  Anne

You should have been there … the Pat Speth workshop last month.  
 If you were at the July meeting, you saw how organized she was and how she could demonstrate so quickly and easily how to breakdown her designs.  Well, she was just as organized in her workshop and she kept it well paced.  We would gather for a demonstration, then work for a while, then gather again, and so on.  She gave us so many tips and ideas that didn’t even apply to what we were doing: how to make a folding cutting mat that stays flat, how to travel with all your rulers, what to do when working with bias edges, how to safely carry a paring knife when you travel, how to make a portable design board, a free pattern for making a quilt top from left over scraps (Trashcan Treasure), another free pattern for a mystery block – that we made in the afternoon and she showed us how to use it in several layouts, and we all got a “BLUE DUDE” which is a brilliant, cheap, easy way to keep your rulers from slipping when you are cutting.  Come to the August meeting to get your own free “BLUE DUDE” and try it out!

You should have been there Part II…. the 1800s for this great cutting tip:

Household Equipment tells us that ”the time usually spent in measuring and marking fabric to insure the even cutting of long strips of the material may be saved by the following method:  Pull apart the extension dining-table to a distance of half an inch.  Place the material on the table so that the line along which it is desired to cut lies over this opening.  Secure the cloth with weights and let the left side of the opening act as a guide to the scissors in cutting.”

                Excerpt taken form the Dover book Old Time Tools and Toys of Needlework

We’ve come a long way baby!

Volunteers Needed for the American Sewing Expo Booth

The guild is planning on having a free booth at the American Sewing Expo in Novi  to sell tickets for our raffle quilt.  We will be passing around a sign-up sheet at the August meeting.  The expo is 3 days, Sept 25-27, Fri, Sat and Sun.  We need 2 people per day to sign up.  That way lunch break, bathroom breaks etc are covered, you can chat and/ or do hand work to pass the time, or of course you can shop and visit exhibits.

You must have a ticket to get into the show even if you are working at a booth, so the guild will buy the tickets.  On Friday and Saturday the hours are from 9 am to 6 pm.  You will need to be there at 9 am on your day and stay until 6 pm.  On Sunday the show closes at 5 pm.  One person can come early and leave early, and the other can come later and stay until the end.  Even though we have a booth and you will be working at the booth, you cannot get in early.  You will be allowed in at 9 am just like the folks there to see the show.  The booth will be set up the day before on Thursday.  We will give you a packet of tickets to sell and some money for change (in case someone wants to buy the first ticket with a $20 bill.)  The people who work on Sunday will have to take down the quilt display rack and bring it, the quilt, and whatever supplies are at the booth.  Our guild meeting for Sept will be the following Wednesday, so you can turn in the tickets and money at the meeting.
So please look at your calendar, and make plans with a friend to spend a day at the Expo.  We need your help and it could be fun.

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