We are posting the information about the guild activities here.... that way everyone will know what to expect.  Any changes will be announced at the guild meeting as they occur.


Charm Squares is a fun way to exchange fabrics with fellow guild members.   Traditionally, charm quilts were made with no repeats of any fabrics in any of the patches.  Guilds/ quilting groups started sponsoring charm square exchanges to help their members get enough different fabrics to make a charm quilt.  Each group / guild made their own rules for the charm exchange.

2018  Charm Square Exchange


·                     Sign up on guild night to participate in the exchange The number of participants will be announced in the newsletter, in Facebook group and on this blog.  Please do not sign up unless you plan to comply.

·                     Three charms cut to 6-1/2 inches squares for each participant.  The charms should all be different in your collection.   The fabric must quilt shop quality, if there is any question of the quality of the fabric please do not donate the fabric.  

·                     A theme for the fabrics will be announced in the newsletter and on this blog in advance (SEE BELOW.) 

·                     Label your fabrics with your name, in some way to indicate you have turned in your charms.  This will make it easier for the coordinator to sort thru them for pick up.  I put my charms into a plastic baggy and write my name on it, but you can also just pin the charms together with a paper label on the charms.  

·                     Pick up your charms at the end of the evening.  Show off the quilt you made from your haul in a future show and tell.

JANUARY    …. Red, pink, rose

February …..  greens

March …..  brights and jewel tones

April …..  birds and butterflies

May ….  FLORAL

June ….  Red, White and Blue

July ….  Dots, strips and plaids

August ….  I spy …. Kid prints

September  ….  FALL … orange, gold, brown, and rust

OCTOBER ….. LANDSCAPE … sky, trees, etc.


December ….. Transportation  …  cars, boats, and planes


BLOTTO is a block lottery.  A pattern is posted by coordinator for the block month in advance.  The pattern will be posted in the newsletter, on this blog and on Facebook.  

·                     Those that participate can get a chance in the drawing to win all the blocks that have been made.  There is a three chance limit ... but you can make more blocks to submit.
·                     There is a SIGN UP SHEET at the Blotto table.  When you drop off your blocks fill a numbered line and there will be a drawing at the end session after the speaker.  ( If you win and you are not there we will get the blocks to you some how.)  Numbers drawn until we get a winner.  We are using the same numbers as for the door prizes. 
·                     WINNER TAKE ALL .... Our goal is to have the winner be able to assemble and entire quilt from the blocks that they win.... so come gals let make some blocks.

The first six -month themes are:


FEBRUARY ….   Pieced Hearts 

April …..  12.5 inch Log Cabin Block with 4 inch YELLOW center

May ….. pending

June …. Strip pieced crazy block 


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