Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2018 . . . Charm Squares and BLOTTO


2018  Charm Square Exchange


·                     Sign up on guild night to participate in the exchange The number of participants will be announced in the newsletter, in Facebook group and on this blog.  Please do not sign up unless you plan to comply.

·                     Three charms cut to 6-1/2 inches squares for each participant.  The charms should all be different in your collection.   The fabric must quilt shop quality, if there is any question of the quality of the fabric please do not donate the fabric.  

·                     A theme for the fabrics will be announced in the newsletter and on this blog in advance (SEE BELOW.) 

·                     Label your fabrics with your name, in some way to indicate you have turned in your charms.  This will make it easier for the coordinator to sort thru them for pick up.  I put my charms into a plastic baggy and write my name on it, but you can also just pin the charms together with a paper label on the charms.  

·                     Pick up your charms at the end of the evening.  Show off the quilt you made from your haul in a future show and tell.

JANUARY    …. Red, pink, rose

February …..  greens

March …..  brights and jewel tones

April …..  birds and butterflies

May ….  FLORAL

June ….  Red, White and Blue

July ….  Dots, strips and plaids

August ….  I spy …. Kid prints

September  ….  FALL … orange, gold, brown, and rust

OCTOBER ….. LANDSCAPE … sky, trees, etc.


December ….. Transportation  …  cars, boats, and planes


BLOTTO is a block lottery.  A pattern is posted by coordinator for the block month in advance.  The pattern will be posted in the newsletter, on this blog and on Facebook.  

·                     Those that participate can get a chance in the drawing to win all the blocks that have been made.  There is a three chance limit ... but you can make more blocks to submit.
·                     There is a SIGN UP SHEET at the Blotto table.  When you drop off your blocks fill a numbered line and there will be a drawing at the end session after the speaker.  ( If you win and you are not there we will get the blocks to you some how.)  Numbers drawn until we get a winner.  We are using the same numbers as for the door prizes. 
·                     WINNER TAKE ALL .... Our goal is to have the winner be able to assemble and entire quilt from the blocks that they win.... so come gals let make some blocks.

The first six -month themes are:


FEBRUARY ….   Pieced Hearts 

March  ….  To be determined

April …..   Bowtie with black background

May ….. GO CUTTER FLOWER … raw edge applique ( Lillian will supply the die cut flowers for a nominal cost which covers the purchase of the fusible and the fabrics used for the applique. )

June …. Strip pieced crazy block 


Friday, December 8, 2017




16 members including phone ins, have signed up for the DECEMBER Charm Square Exchange. 

Charm squares are THREE DIFFERENT FABRICS cut to 6.5 inches.  Quilt shop quality fabric only please. 

I did some figuring and out of 2/3rds of a yard you can get 18 squares ... with a strip left over.     ( Most quilt shops will not cut funky measurements and you  have to have enough fabric to square up accurately.) 

 As we are all so busy during the holidays ... there will be no BLOTTO blocks for December.

 We wish you a happy, healthy and fun holiday season with your family and friends.




Tuesday, December 5, 2017

January Silent Auction to support Project Linus . . .

Our local chapter of Project Linus has been given a lot items that are intended to be used for Project Linus, but that we cannot turn into quilts.  Or if we could, the quilts would not be kid-friendly or too big or too costly for Project Linus to have quilted.  Project Linus wishes to sell off quilted donations that are not kid friendly.  Money raised will be used to support the Project Linus missions.

We will be setting up a silent auction of donation of quilts and items.   Items will have pre- set prices and we will be able bid on the items. Other guilds and groups will be invited to attend.

The 17 items are: 

A beautiful hand appliqued flannel quilt top
A simple 20" x 30" double wedding ring pattern  appliqued on a white background, but the pieces in the rings are 30s and 40s fabric.
A queen size quilt top, floral spools pattern
A queen size quilt top, Garden Lattice, pink, green and white
A quilted jacket
A "Quilt Ladies" panel throw top

A gold and purple impeccable pieced center medallion for a large quilt
A batik bargello quilt top
A Fairy Frost fabric center star medallion for a quilt
A Christmas-y table runner ready to quilt with batting and backing
A 3-D appliqued block of violets
A fused applique block, 16" x 24", of birds on a fence
A sort of bargello heart made with floral material of 1 1/2" squares, center medallion for a quilt
A sparkly blue and white table topper, finished, could easily be turned into a tree skirt
A purple and gold, stack & whack method table runner
A fall color table-runner, top only, made of 3 pieced blocks
A large black, green and red pieced quilt top

The board saw the items and they were special.   Many of these items are samples that have been donated by quilt shops.
Money raised will be used by Project Linus to help support their quilting mission.

Project Linus Mission: 
Quilts equal hugs; donations are given to:
Hospitals / Pediatric Units
Ronald Mc Donald Houses   
Old Newsboys  
Cancer Camps
Grief Camps
Sparrow Hospital
Children of Armed Forces prior to deployment
Schools after a tragic event (death of student)
Other Child related charities where ever needed

Opportunity to Participate in PROJECT LINUS
Takes knitted and crochet as well as quilted items as long as they are kid friendly.
Need more information:

9:30 am   Show and Tell then discussions 

Loose  Senior Center,  Linden, MI  ( new group)
  … 4th Wednesday of the Month
Day time  10 am to 12 noon
  Address: 707 N Bridge St, Linden, MI 48451
Phone: (810) 735-9406




This information was sent to the guild to share with our members.


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

November 29, 2017 .... A night with Nancy Mc Nally



Newest pattern in progress ... Sneak Peek

Over 20 years ago Nancy  was introduced into the world of quilting by accident.  She was attending a “back to school” picnic with several moms. These moms were quilters and brought show and tell…like she learned all quilters love to do! They pulled their quilts out of their bags and she was hooked! Who knew you buy fabric, cut apart, and sew it all back together? And why would anyone do this? To make these beautiful quilts!

She began sewing by learning how to piece garments, she  learned quickly… she did not like it. She then decided it was time to try quilting, after all she loved what I saw from the other moms.  There was no turning back…
Advance about 15 years later, 2 longarm machines, lots of fabric purchases, tools, notions, she took the plunge and decided to start designing quilts. Nancy was already teaching how to piece a quilt, so why not try the next step of designing
and getting published in a magazine.... and she did just that…and the rest is history!  
Nancy McNally is a professional long arm quilter, designer, author and quilt teacher.  She has taught at many local quilt shop, at retreats and quilting events, on line classes in Annie's Crafts and has a CRAFTSY Block of the Month class.   ( links below.)   She will be at the guild to show her own quilts for our trunk show.  Nancy has been a guild member for several years so she has a lot to show us.

Nancy McNally's Quilts

 Sew Anyways with Nancy Mc Nally.... her sewing Facebook group

You have to request membership to view .... but it is worth it.

On the design wall


Ohhhhhh the quilting

LOVE the Black and White

Nancy is substituting for Denise Schober who is unable to come to our guild in November.   Nancy and Denise graciously traded events.  I think we will be in for a great treat.

We will have our election for next year's guild board the list of nominees will be in the newsletter  ...   


Friday, October 27, 2017

Charm Squares and BLOTTO for November



 Updated:   ... 11 members 
signed up for charm square exchange.... 11-23-2017

Theme:  Christmas fabrics

Charm size = 6-1/2 inches of quilt shop quality fabric. 

* *  *  We ask for quilt shop quality fabric because long time quilters have  noted that quilts with mixed fabrics do not hold up as well.  Textures, weight, color and griege goods do not work well with each other if we mix sources.  You can pull from your stash if you are sure it is quilt shop quality.  So when we share we for charm exchange we ask for quilt shop quality fabric.  * *  *

Each Charm should be of a different fabric... this makes the exchange fun. 

Please put your name on your charms to make it easier to sort through them and make sure every one gets a different set. 

The exact number of charm sets needed will be posted later this week... so far we have 7.   


BLOTTO ... Disappearing Nine Patch .... 

One block will qualify you for one chance... maximum of three chances per blotto drawing.

Color theme:  Autumn fabrics ... great way to use the fabric from October Charm Square Exchange.

EIGHT (8) AUTUMN FABRICS ... rust, orange, autumn prints, green, gold, brown .... etc.

CENTER patch :   One (1) black fabric for the center of the nine patch block.

NINE PATCH equals 18-1/2 inches after patches sewn together


 Using 6-1/2 inch patches make a NINE PATCH BLOCK.  The center block should read black.  It can have a small print or be mottled  but it should read as black.   The block will be 18-1/2 inches in size ( unfinished)  once sewn together.   Some of your blacks from the earlier Black and White Charm exchange could be used for the center square.                                                                          .  
Dissect the NINE PATCH horizontally and vertically thru the center   ..

Slice thru the Nine Patch block vertically and horizontally thru the center of the block.

Turn the block so two large uncut patches are in the center diagonally, opposite one another.  The small  two black patches should  be opposite each other also and meet in the center.      ( See pictures.)  Sew together.

There are many ways to set the Disappearing Nine Patch blocks but Lillian has selected this setting to result in a pleasing, cohesive quilt top.

UNFINISHED block measures 18 inches . . .

Finished block should measure 18 inches in size (un-finished. ) 

In the center are the two large blocks and the two black blocks
A quilt using 5 block by 5 block layout will be approximately 85 inches by 85 inches ...

 List of Links for Disappearing Nine Patch tutorials:

Be advised that the layout of the cut patches may be different then the ones selected for BLOTTO.   Keep two large blocks and two of the black blocks to the center as pictured.


 YOU TUBE: Disappearing Nine Patch with Angela Pingle

18 Disappearing Nine Patch Patterns 

 Disappearing Nine Patch 

YOU TUBE with Leah Day : Disappearing Nine Patch - different layouts

* ** * ** * ** *  ** *  ** * ** * ** *  **  *

For this BLOTTO the parts of the same block should be used to make the blotto blocks.  When making your own quilt you might want to consider scrambling the dissected quadrants of the nine patches .... that is a design decision.