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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

 February 2015

To help cover the costs of bringing in speakers to the guild.  The board has voted to increase the guest fee to $7.00 on the nights we have a speaker.  We do try to keep the cost down to our guest and members but the cost of hosting speaker lectures and workshops has been increasing. Speaker fees can be paid upon admission.

Thank you for your understanding.
Evening STAR Quilt Guild

Wednesday, December 10, 2014



2015 Program Calendar is now updated and posted on the blog

Jan 28 
 Charlie Coutcher –
Our very own member! Demonstration

Feb 25 
Charity sewing

Mar 25
 Barbara Douglas –
From Midland MI Trunk Show
Apr 29
Darlene Loesch –
Lecture and Workshop, Braided Row by Row

May 27
 Carolyn Vance -
Trunk show from the Quilter’s Garden in Fenton

Jun 24 Sherry Sera –
Trunk Show, Quilted Jackets

July 29
 Pat Speth –
From St Paul MN Lecture and Workshop

Aug 26
 Quilt Store Showcase –
New stores from Birch Run, Frankenmuth and Millington

Sep 30
 Beth Ferrier lecture:
Will you make a quilt?

Oct 28
 Betty Ekern Suiter - from Racine WI
Nov 18
 To be announced

 Christmas Potluck




Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 29th Meeting
This is the night for our drawing for the RAFFLE QUILT.... be sure to turn in your tickets and the money.

 Clean out your closets and bring your uncompleted projects! The guild auction is a must-attend event, you'll be surprised at the wonderful items that will be raffled off!
FOR our new members I am going to try to explain how our AUCTION works.

Members donate any notions, fabric, books, sewing equipment they no longer want to store in their home.  ( Gently used is okay)  This is an opportunity to clean out the items that are still useable but YOU do not have a use for. Everything donated should be clean and in good repair. Fabric should be quilt shop quality and in good repair / status ... No longer sew clothing, maybe this is a good time to donate such items.

I am not 100% sure but anything not won will be donated to Good-Will or Salvation Army. This is what has been done in the past.

TABLES will be set up with the items displayed. A paper bag will be used to collect tickets. There will be a blind drawing for the items donated to the auction.

TICKETS for the raffle will be sold the night of the action. 4 tickets for a dollar

 .... Bring  your mailing labels with you so that you can label your tickets. 
So bring your money and be ready to go home with NEW TO YOU TREASURE.

EMPTY BOBBIN SEWING GROUP is providing hospitality so per their usual... it will be excellent. 


NOVEMBER  17th speaker has cancelled.  The board is planning some fun guild activities  ... So stay tuned to the newsletter for future information.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


 September 24 & 25

It's time to use up that stash and all those scraps! Bonnie Hunter is a fabulous lecturer and teacher. You'll definitely want to come to the all day workshop and learn some fast processes to bust that stash pile!


PDF FILE for the TUMALO TRAIL workshop

( Purchase / owning book is required and can be purchased at the workshop from Bonnie.)

WHEN: THURSDAY, September 25,2014

Davison-Richfield Senior Center 
at 10135 Lapeer Road, Davison, Michigan

TIME:   9:30am to 4:30 pm 

COST:  $40.00 plus required book



Visit her website and blog  to learn more and see Bonnie's work.

The workshop is open to guild members first.  Ms Hunter only allows 24 students per class.

SORRY, workshop has been filled.

Checks made payable to :


C/O Anne Wolfield 

2859 Mackin Rd

Flint Michigan 48509

Questions ....   Email  awohlfeil@hotmail.com  OR call 810- 239- 8788

With your check include the following information:

Name _________________________________________

Address __________________________________________

Phone # _______________________

EMAIL _____________________________________________

 Ms Hunter will be presenting a lecture at the regular guild meeting on Wednesday, September 24th.  The name of the lecture will be SCRAP USER's SYSTEM.  Guests are welcome, there is a $5 fee. 


We are on FACE BOOK 

IF you are a member of the EVENING STAR QUILT GUILD, you are entitled to join the FACEBOOK group.  You first must have a FACEBOOK page of your own.  YOU do not have to post on it if you do not want to.  YOU do not have to fill out the FACEBOOK survey or information page if you do not want to.  ( I never do. I just ignore their request because I think it is none of their business.)

Send in a request to join the group and you will be accepted.   In your request please indicate you are a member it is a lot easier to find you in the membership spread sheet.  YOU can just read what is posted, you can post pictures of your projects, you can share information and start some conversations.  Be as active or inactive as you want. 

I try to post whatever updates or information I find about our guild on FACEBOOK and the blog so it is nice to be a member of the group.  Contact me if you have any questions.

Guild web commentator


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

AUGUST 27TH meeting is CHANGED ...


Our program for the August 27th meeting will be a speaker from Ann Arbor, Debbie Grifka.  She will be giving a lecture and trunk show on “Modern Quilts” – what the modern quilt movement is all about.  You can check out Debbie’s web site at ESCH HOUSE QUILTS by DEBBIE GRIFKA .


BRING SNACKS!  Please!!  This confusion is my mistake and Debbie has been scheduled since spring.  There will not be a potluck, goodie give-away, fabric exchange.  (We will do this another time)  Since I annouced potluck at the last meeting, no one signed up to bring snacks.  So bring snacks, bring show-n-tell, bring stories of adventures from the AQS show in Grand Rapids, and bring an inquiring mind to learn about the modern quilt movement.  

Thank you, Anne


Monday, July 14, 2014

APRONS and PILLOW CASES for the July 30th guild meeting * * *


From the newsletter, thank you Sharon ….



Brenda Heffernan from Mabelena’s Quilt shop in Ortonville will be our speaker.  She will be bringing her vintage apron collection and will tell us how she became a collector and why.  After Brenda’s presentation, we will have an apron contest with prizes.  (See contest details below.) 

Brenda is not only enterprising and funny, she’s a caring friend.  For several years her best friend’s daughter has been battling leukemia and has had treatment on several occasions at Hurley Hospital.  As part of her speaking fee, Brenda has asked that our guild “pay” her with homemade pillowcases.  She will give these pillowcases to 10-year old Allie to donate to the pediatric unit where she received her treatments. 

Brenda says Allie is very excited to see the pillowcases and to be able to cheer up her friends with this gift.  So please consider making a pillowcase or two to donate.  These pillowcases need to be standard size (not queen or king), homemade (not store bought), kid friendly fabric, and brand new.  If you need a simple pattern, search for free pillowcase patterns on the internet or go to

Pattern site suggestions:

When you think about aprons, keep thinking…..pillowcases!
If Brenda Heffernan’s presentation on aprons inspires you, you might want to expand your interest beyond aprons and take a look at http://www.sew4home.com/projects/kitchen-linens/janome-monday-scrappy-moro   Not only is the project attractive, but it might give you some ideas for using your scraps in a decorative fashion.   And those of you lucky enough to have those fancy machines with the embroidery stitches, might get inspired by the projects.   Bring your finished projects for all to see.

You need not be a kitchen goddess to enter the apron contest.

You do not need to be able to cook.   You don’t even have to look good in an apron.   Entries are limited to quilt guild members-in-good-standing.  There are no fees for entry, but there are prizes for winners.   So if you want to be a winner, dig out that apron.

There will be three categories for entry: 

  1)  Vintage, usually anything vintage is something 15 years older than you, but in this case we are going to say that vintage is anything that you claim is old, as in “this old thing….” It need not be homemade, but if it’s not homemade it has to have a good story something that might be filled with nostalgia.   If the story brings tears to the eyes, the judges will be impressed. 

  2)  Made by me.   Clearly, this means something that you made yourself.   Maybe the pattern is your own design.   Maybe you used a commercial pattern, but the point is that you stitched it yourself.    

3)   Very Unique – a definition that only you can describe as in “If you see it, you will know….”  

You may only enter ONE apron, BUT you can enter ONE apron in EACH category.   For those of you who don’t understand math, that means that you have a better chance of winning, if you enter each category.   Your odds might be better than in a casino, and you don’t have to spend money!      
You, or your designee, must model the apron for the audience.   There will be a panel of five judges who will make the final selections and award the prizes.    You might be the lucky winner.   Nobody will come to your house to present you with a check.  

ONE of our members, Leslie, has made three pillowcases just today.  She is challenging other members to make pillowcases for BRENDA.  Bring them to the next meeting ... let try and get the most pillowcases.