Friday, December 11, 2015

Information from the  GUILD BOARD

There are several items on the agenda that remain from the missed November meeting:

December 30th meeting – It’s our annual Christmas Potluck and Dirty Santa Gift Exchange!
Bring a dish to share, your own place setting and silverware, your own beverage if you want something other than coffee or tea.  Wear loose waist bands and bring a big plate!  We will have election of officers, raffle quilt drawing, show and tell, 50/50 drawing and door prizes after we eat of course. 

Then we’ll have our Dirty Santa gift exchange.  If you want to participate, bring a wrapped gift.  It can be store bought, worth about $20.00, or something hand made.  We put all the gifts in a big pile, and the fun begins.  

 Eating starts at 6:30 p.m.

Slate of Officers:
President:  Mary Garrow or Leslie Kirkpatrick
Secretary:  Sharon Muston
Treasurer:  Shirley Dingman
Vote for either Mary or Leslie for president.  The one with the most votes will act as president and the other will act as vice president.  (This is their idea.)  Thank you to these quilters for volunteering to be an officer.

Raffle quilt drawing:
Since our meeting was cancelled last month, the drawing will be held this month.  We need the people who have not turned in their tickets (ticket stubs with money, or all unsold tickets) to please do so at the beginning of the meeting, even if you didn’t sell the tickets. 

This is very important for 2 reasons:  The MI Gaming Board requires us to have and keep all unsold tickets to prove that we aren’t cheating on the money we make.  Also, we want everyone who bought a ticket to have a chance to win.

These are the quilters who have not turned in their tickets yet.  If you cannot attend the meeting please get the tickets to someone who will attend.  Or call any board member and make arrangements to turn in tickets.  Thank you.

Safehouse Donations: 

This month is diapers.  Buy the larger sizes, since they usually do not have a need for the smaller sizes, thank goodness.

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