Wednesday, August 30, 2017

6.5 inch CHARM SQUARES -- slight change

12 members have signed up for the charm exchange !  
9-5-2017 updated 

We will be doing " I" Spy kid friendly charms for September.  We will be posting the number after I talk to Lillian so recheck this post in a couple of days.   These blocks will be ideal to make more blocks for the " I" Spy BLOTTO blocks.  Use quilt shop quality fabrics, please.  

Provide a 6.5 inch charm square for each participant of three different fabrics that follow the theme for the month.

From a half yard of fabric you can expect to get about 12 blocks with some extra scraps / strips of fabric. 

Please put a sticker, mailing label or some indication of which blocks are yours.  It will help sorting of the blocks easier for Lillian.  



AUGUST  ... BLACKS , WHITE or mixed black and white.
September ... Novelty or "I" SPY fabrics
October .... Fall colors ... rust / gold / brown etc
November ... Christmas 
December .....Batiks

 Lillian V said she is willing to add you to the charm square block exchange for the next week.  Her phone number is in the membership guide. ( We do not post it on line.)  
cc : Anna

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