Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Guild Challenge: Marvelous Miniature Stars!

Marvelous Miniature Stars!
The challenge this year is to make a quilted piece that features star block/blocks. The challenge is that the blocks used in the quilt need to be 3" square or smaller! 

This is a great opportunity to work on your piecing, pressing and appliqué skills.

Here's the challenge info:
  •          Contest starts January 1, 2011 and will end at the May 30th meeting. Viewers will choose 2 quilts for 1st and 2nd place. Winner will receive a gift certificate to a local quilt shop.
  •          3" square (or smaller) Star Blocks. Any kind of star/stars can be used.
  •          You can use multiple sizes of blocks – but they can be no larger than 3".
  •          Can be pieced, appliquéd, foundation pieced or any combination of all of these.
  •          You can use any fabrics/colors you like.
  •          The quilt can be any shape you want – as long as it fits in the perimeter requirements.
  •          The minimum size of the quilted piece is 54" perimeter. (Example: a 12" x 15" rectangle equals a 54" perimeter - 12+12+15+15=54).
  •          The maximum size of the quilted piece is 144" perimeter. (Example: a 36" x 36" square equals a 144" perimeter - 36+36+36+36=144).
  •          You can add borders if you like.
  •          Please add a hanging sleeve and a quilt label to the back.
  •          Quilt must be quilted and bound. You are welcome to have it professionally quilted – just be sure to give credit to the quilter on the quilt label.

We hope you will enjoy this challenge! Because we're using stars as the feature – these quilts will be eligible for the quilt show at the Longway Planetarium! The sky's the limit – so be creative!

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