Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pass On The Love of Quilting

How many quilters do you know who are age 25 or younger?  Who have YOU taught to quilt? 

I keep reading in the news about the obvious drop in the number of younger quilters, and I wondered…

What are we doing to spread the love of quilting in our younger generations?  How do we mentor younger quilters?  How do we encourage young men and women to give quilting a try? How do we add younger members to the Evening Star Quilters?

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Posted by Caron Mosey, Editor

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  1. Well, the only one I know is me. I'm 22 and taught myself to quilt (though mom taught me the basics of sewing long, long ago) a few winters ago when the radiator in my room decided to stop working.

    The best way to get people my age to look into quilting would probably be to help them realize quilting's not just a fussy, old lady's hobby full of perfect corners and microscopic stitches; it's an art form. You can make a quilt with any sort of patchwork design you want and create something that's beautiful and functional at the same time.

    Also, look to the young DIY crowd. We/they always love finding new mediums to explore.