Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quilt School: New feature in our monthly newsletter!!!

You’re never too old or experienced to learn something new.  Welcome to “Quilt School,” where each month you’ll pick up a new nugget of quilty information you might not have known.  This month’s topic: Two Color Quilts.

Traditionally, the name “two color quilt” really meant “two fabric quilt,” with both fabrics being solids.  The now-famous red and white quilt exhibit held recently at the American Folk Art Museum in New York is a perfect example of the two color quilt. Another example is this indigo blue and white “Restored Pinwheel” quilt, assembled from antique blocks and quilted in 1983 by your editor. But two color quilts do not have to include white.  They can be any two fabrics put together to create one quilt… even cheddar and blue!   

Even though a scrappy quilt might pull a variety of materials from two different colors, remember that a scrap quilt does not follow the traditional definition of a two color quilt.  I know… it’s confusing!

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