Thursday, March 30, 2017

Variable Star Quilt Block ( 12.5 inch )

Found another STAR block.   I am making a quilt from the MIDNIGHT QUILT SHOW on You Tube.


I often make a trial block when I am using a new/ different technique.  Since we are making STARS for the guild challenge I decided to make a block using fabric selected for the challenge.  If the block turns out okay I plan to donate to the challenge.

select three fabric cut to 6 inch blocks 

YOU can make your HsqTri patches any way you want, but I used the method shown on YOU TUBE and I give the measurements for that technique.  The measurements can be used so you can figure out how to make the block using your favorite methods. 

Match a focal fabric with a second fabric then with the background patch.  ( See picture.)

Sew around the block using a QUARTER INCH seam ... NOT scant a little generous would not hurt.

SEW around the block using a generous quarter inch seam.  This is an over sized block and you will be trimming the HsqTri patches to 3. 5 inches.   

I marked the diagonal to show where to cut.

 I marked the diagonals to show where I will be cutting the sewn patches to make the HsqTRIs.  REMEMBER the outsides of the block is on the BIAS and will distort if handled roughly.

3 sets of four half square triangle

 There will be 3 sets of FOUR half square triangles.  They need to be squared to 3.5 inches.  As I said earlier these patches were over sizes so you have at least a quarter of an inch of fabric to trim off.  

When pressing your triangles BE SURE TO SET THE SEAM then open the triangle.  I pushed the seams to the dark side, but I found that sometimes I had to reverse the seam press in order to get the intersections to lock. 

 It is up to YOU to decide if you want to press your seams to one side or to press open all the seams.  IT IS IMPORTANT WHAT EVER METHOD YOU USE YOU ARE CONSISTENT.    ( Watch out for burned fingers when you press open your seams.)

square up to 3.5 inch patches

 Once all your half sq triangles are squared up lay out your block.  I did not mention earlier you will need 4 patches of 3.5 inches.

Lay out the patches forming a pinwheel in the center
I like sewing the pinwheel first then I add the star points on the side.  I sew the top and bottom rows adding the 3.5 inch patches on the ends of the star points.  I press as sew each section together.

Pinwheel center sewn

 Surprise, surprise my block came out to the correct 12.5 inch block ( 12 inch finished)   I do not think I will have any cut off points. 

Square up block if necessary but watch the POINTS!

SURPRISE, SURPRISE it is the correct size block.

 I hope you will want to make this block for one of your quilts ... it was surprisingly easy to make and went together fast.  It took less then 2 hours and it took that long because I stopped to take photos.  The second block I made went together much faster... took a tad longer than an hour.

WHEN ASSEMBLING INTO A QUILT remember the outside edges are ON THE BIAS!





  1. Thank you so much, I am following your pattern/steps, they are very clear even for a Dutch girl like me! Gonna make my grandmother very happy this Christmas!

    1. The comments have to be approved by the administrators ... I know your grandmother will like the quilt.

  2. Thank you so much! Very clear instructions, my earlier comment disappeared. Lots of love from the Netherlands

  3. Like the block but prefer my outside edges NOT to be on the bias.