Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Looking for Quilts with Google Alert

Don't have time to look all over the Internet for information day-in and day-out?  Create a Google Alert, and the information you want will be spoon-fed to you on a regular basis for as long as you want it!

You first need to have a Google account, which is absolutely free.  If you have Gmail or a blog on Blogger, you already have a Google account.  If not, create one of your own by going to .  Follow the directions to create your own FREE account. 

Next, you want to create a Google Alert by going to

You can search for anything you want!  For example:

  • Create a search for your name and find out whenever anyone posts anything with your name on it
  • If you're traveling to a certain area, create a search a month or more before your trip with the name of the area and get regular information to learn more
  • Do you love dogs?  Toss in a few words related to the breed you love and get daily information
  • Quilter?  Put in the kind of quilts you like!  [Amish quilts, applique quilting]

You can create more than one alert, and you can tell Google how often you want information sent to your email inbox.  You will get information from Google Web Search, Google Blog Search and Google News.  

Google Alerts are like a daily gift you give yourself!   Give it a try!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Request for Donations

Davison Missionary Church

(Gale Rd and Davison Rd across from VG’s)

810-653-2484 Carol Vargo 810-743-2239 Organizer

Davison Missionary Church is collecting supplies to make pillowcase dresses, short and pin-less diapers for Children’s Missionary in Haiti for a missionary trip. Jon and Ann Obermeyer will be taking a shipment of goods in April to Haiti. DMC is hosting craft nights where the clothing is made. Donations of supplies are being requested. If you would like to make a dress or pin-less diaper,  patterns are available through the church (contact Carol Vargo) or go to the links below to find out how to make the dresses. Shorts can be made from any simple pattern, elastic waist is most desirable.

Dress patterns

Pinless Diaper patterns

Pin-less diapers are used to avoid exposing care workers to H.I.V / AIDES which is prevalent among the Haitian population.

Supplies requested:

Clean gently used pillow cases to make dresses.

Sheets—this material holds up well.

Wash cloths and towels--- 10 inch squares are used for diaper pads

Flannel Yardage. These will be cut up into 22 inch squares

Bias Binding for dresses

3/8 inch elastic for dresses for girls

3/ 4 elastic for shorts for boys

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Block of the Month

From Charlie:

I just ran across a beautiful, free BOM that some of you might be interested in.
It is available at Morning Glory Designs. Each block is only posted for two months so you need to go get Jan. & Feb. soon. Be sure an check out her site while you are there and drop her a note to thank her for the free BOM.

Visit now at: