Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Presbyterian Church Quilt Exhibit, Flint, Michigan

First Presbyterian Church in Flint, Michigan will be a host site September 13 - September 15, 2012. The show is part of the Flint Festival of Quilts, an annual Flint quilt exhibit centered around the Michigan Quilt Artists Invitational held at the Greater Flint Arts Council.

First Presbyterian Church’s Liturgical Arts Ministry has created space to display quilts.  We are currently seeking quilters wishing to display their work as an expression of faith, a shaper of faith, or an inspiration to faith.  This year’s theme is “Fabrics of Life.

If you would like to register to exhibit a quilt at First Presbyterian Church, please fill out this entry form <== Click here!

*Liturgical Arts Ministry at First Presbyterian Church Flint

Created in God’s image, we create.  Among the things we know for sure about God is that God is ceaselessly creative. And we know that God is a very, very good artist.

Human beings are created in the very image of God.  God fashioned the clay figures of a man and a woman.  As God blew breath into those figures that divine creative spirit was blown into humanity and that spirit dwells in each of us. This aspect of divine breath is engaged through the creative or artistic process. 

Art has the ability to connect us uniquely, incarnationally, with God’s spirit. In the creative process we engage more deeply the deep meaning and mystery of our faith.

The Liturgical Arts Ministry hopes to encourage our congregation’s ability to engage art as an expression of faith, a shaper of faith, and an inspiration to faith.